Customer Testimonials

  • “ The CPS facility is a great collaborator. The circumspect discussions and efficient synthetic chemistry, conducted by Dr. Rachid Skouta, ensured us evaluation of a small molecule probe for a bio-imaging project in a timely manner. We really appreciate the presence of the CPS facility providing support for the Northwest Corner Building community and look forward for future collaborations.”   Wei Min Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, Columbia University.


  • “ We are very fortunate to be working with Professor Brent Stockwell and Dr. Rachid Skouta at the Columbia NYSTEM CPS facility. They have performed virtual screening of half a million compounds in order to identify novel inhibitors of our protein of interest. We are absolutely delighted with the high quality solutions they have provided. Professor Stockwell’s team is technically competent, professional, efficient and courteous. They have the extraordinary ability to clearly understand our goals and anticipate our future needs. Professor Stockwell also provides valuable advice on our experimental approaches and helps us secure funding for our project. We look forward to continuing our drug screening research in partnership with the CPS facility and are confident that they will help us every step along the way. ”  Qing R. Fan Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacology and Pathology and Cell Biology, Columbia University.