CPS Ignition Grant: Request for Applications

CPS Ignition Grant: Request for Applications
Key Dates
 RFA Issue Date: June 25, 2013
Application Deadline: July 29, 2013
Expected Award Date: September 9, 2013
The Columbia NYSTEM Chemical Probe Synthesis Facility (CPS Facility) is a shared facility available to researchers in the academic, commercial and government communities worldwide who are interested in designing and synthesizing chemical probes. Located in the Northwest Corner building on the Morningside campus of Columbia University in New York City, the CPS Facility has expertise in medicinal and synthetic chemistry, as well as virtual screening and computational design of small molecule probes and drugs. For more information, please visit our website at http://cps.bio.columbia.edu/.
One of the objectives of the CPS Facility is to facilitate the discovery of novel compounds that will advance translation of scientific research toward patient care. In support of this goal, the CPS is interested in forging collaborations with investigators who have biological targets or chemical ‘starting points’ with significant therapeutic potential. This RFA aims to solicit proposals from scientific teams who wish to leverage the expertise and capabilities of the CPS Facility in two major areas:
1. Computational design and virtual screening of small molecules. For proteins with an available high-resolution structure, the CPS Facility can perform virtual screens of millions of commercially available compounds for their ability to interact with a specific protein structure, as well as design novel compounds that are predicted to interact with such proteins.
2. Medicinal and synthetic chemistry for small molecule optimization. For projects in which an initial compound has been identified with desirable activity, the CPS Facility can design and synthesize improved analogs related to the original compound, with the goal of improving specific compound properties, such as potency or selectivity.
Funds Available
$50,000 in total funding is available through this RFA. Applicants may request any amount of funding up to $50,000, knowing that multiple awards may be made if a sufficient number of meritorious proposals are received. If you are not certain how to estimate the cost of your project, please feel free to reach out to us for an estimate (cps@biology.columbia.edu).
Review Criteria
In addition to the technical feasibility of the proposed project within the CPS Facility, proposals will be reviewed in accordance with the below criteria, to assess the translational potential of the proposal:
1. Preliminary data to support the underlying scientific hypothesis;
2. Evidence of, and access to, an assay to test the synthesized compounds;
3. Availability of necessary resources to generate basic proof of concept data sufficient for patent filing; and
4. Evidence of commercial interest in the underlying target/pathway/scientific hypothesis.

The applicant PI must have a faculty appointment at Columbia University.
Application Format
Applicants should complete the Application Form, making note of page limitations. Please do not change formatting, including margins, font, or font size.
Application Submission
Applications should be submitted as a single PDF file to cps@biology.columbia.edu no later than 5 PM on the date of the application deadline.
Award Administration
Selected projects will receive a credit to a CPS Facility account established under the name of the proposal’s lead investigator, to be used for the design and/or synthesis of small molecule probes by the CPS Facility.
Reporting Requirements
Funded applicants will be required to submit a progress report describing the results of their evaluation of the compounds synthesized by the CPS Facility and efforts undertaken or proposed to advance the development thereof. Additionally, upon request by the CPS Facility, funded applicants agree to provide information that may be required by funding agencies and partners to evaluate progress towards commercial translation. Questions regarding the RFA should be addressed to Dr. Rachid Skouta at cps@biology.columbia.edu.

The CPS Facility would like to acknowledge our partners, New York State Stem Cell Science (NYSTEM), the Columbia University Department of Biological Sciences, the Columbia University Department of Chemistry, the Columbia Genome Center, and Columbia Technology Ventures.